Individual Developer for iOS (under 60 days from start to launch) — Rated 4.9 / 5 ★ on the App Store!


Swift, Core Data, Location Services, MotionKit, Braintree, Segment, BranchIO, Intercom, Pubnub, Facebook Login, Google Login

Get gas delivered while you work. High-quality gas. Low, competitive prices. Free same day delivery — right to your parking spot.
  • Work very closely with designers, marketers and product managers in an agile environment.
  • I’m involved in the design process, branding, feature specs, tech docs, coordinating with a dev team abroad, etc.
  • I built the Booster iOS app natively using Swift 3, from the ground up under 60 days from start to launch. With a very high quality bar, with almost 0 bugs/issues. (Rated 4.9/5★ in App Store.)
  • Very high code reusability style: many of the components I built are shared with other iOS apps at Booster. Like UI widgets, Core Data wrappers, Extensions, and more.

  • Leveraged many iOS core technologies, like Core Data to manage caching, Location services with Geo Fencing, MotionKit for auto detection of user’s parking location, etc.
  • Wrote our own “Routing” system to allow taking the user to a specific screen in the app, even if the screen requires multiple taps to get there. That system is used for deep linking using urls/uris. Push notification payloads, and even allow reloading the app by a tap of a button.
  • Implemented an A/B Testing framework that allows us to experiment with different variations, along with the support of text/copy replacement with run-time variable referencing.
  • Wrote the Referral Program into the app that allows users to refer their friends.
  • Built a “Live Copy Editor” system that allows any admin to edit the copy in the app by tapping on the labels directly, with a well defined process to share changes with other admins, then deploy them to our user base.
  • Integrated with 3rd party services like Google Maps / Search API, Braintree, BranchIO, Intercom, Facebook Login, Google Login, Pubnub, CleverTap
  • Wrote a Rewards Program in the app for benefits and allow the user to accumulate points and maintain a status, which in turn grants discounts on our products and services.
  • For many features, I wrote the backend for them using JavaScript (Node.js)

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